Protect Your Family from Lawsuits with a Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Conversations with family, friends, and colleagues can sometimes wander into the topic of lawsuits, divorces, bankruptcies, and other threats that put one’s property at risk of loss to a creditor. Such conversations often leave people shaking their heads, asking what the world is coming to, and feeling vulnerable and frustrated. However, an important tool has… Read More »

Lessons from COVID-19: The #1 Legal Document Every Adult Needs to Have

Although the impacts of COVID-19 continue to leave Americans and the global community uncertain of the future, you don’t have to feel helpless. In fact, now is a great time to be proactive and plan ahead should you or a loved one fall ill. One of the most important and relatively easy things you can… Read More »

Preparing for Death

If nothing else, recent events have brought us face to face with mortality.  Although none of us knows when death will overtake us or a loved one, we know that someday it is going to do exactly that.  We can deny the inevitable, or we can prepare for it.  By preparing for death, we can… Read More »

Have a Favorite Charity? Consider an Endowment

It is not easy for nonprofit organizations to secure new funding sources every year. When a regular donor passes away, the organization is often left with a desperate need to replace the funding. If you want to avoid this happening to your favorite charity, you can leave an endowment in your estate plan for a lot less money than you probably think.