The clock will wind down on all of us some day, and most of us are going to need some level of long-term care before it does. Winning the game of life—and death—depends on having an effective plan in place before inevitable bad things happen.

If you do not have an advance health-care directive, your loved ones may find themselves sidelined at the precise moment you need them to step in and make medical decisions for you. If you do not have a will or a trust to pass your assets to your chosen receivers, not only might your estate be intercepted by the wrong team, it may be sacked by creditors, disgruntled family members, and their lawyers.

Think of your trusted advisors as your coaches. They have playbooks filled with strategies to overcome every opponent. Think of yourself as your estate’s quarterback. If you listen to your coaches and execute the right plays, your loved ones will eventually be wearing championship rings.
Where will your loved ones be when the final gun sounds and the lights go out? It’s up to you. Nobody plans to fail, but too many of us fail to plan.

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