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The amount of money you ultimately earn from your business is determined not just by the success of the business itself but also by the quality of your succession strategy. Succession planning is crucial to making the money you need to achieve your personal, financial, and estate planning goals after you retire. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t think about how to exit their businesses until shortly before they want to do so. Your succession plan should be designed and in place at least three years, and preferably as many as nine years, before you expect to retire.

We can help you design and implement a plan that allows you to leave your business at the time you want, in the manner you want, and to the people you want. If your goal is to leave your business to members of your family, we can show you the best ways to do it, and just as importantly, the ways you should not do it. If you would rather sell your business outright, we can help you get the maximum price while paying the least possible amount in taxes. We may even be able to design a plan enabling you to earn as much from your business after you sell it as when you were running it.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our Honolulu business succession planning attorneys. We have helped numerous business owners enjoy rich returns on their investment of capital, time and sweat. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.