A Reminder About Digital Assets

Estate planning is one of the most difficult aspects of personal finance. As humans, we tend to procrastinate on dealing with our own mortality and often focus on seemingly more important issues facing us today. However, estate plans play a significant role in reducing frustration for loved ones, especially in the digital age. While most people realize that estate plans should be created to help distribute physical property such as real estate or jewelry, there is a growing need to consider intangible property.

Bummers for Boomers

In his article "Estate Planning Mistakes Every Boomer Should Avoid," author Casey Dowd enumerates some of the things that you really don't want to do if you hope to have an estate plan that will work as you intend.  Here are Dowd's Big Five mistakes: Failing to plan for large expenses such as long term… Read More »

Retirement Truths

Retirement is not all golf and grandchildren. Many people spend years planning for retirement and think they have it all figured out, until they actually retire. A recent Wall Street Journal article set out a few areas where retirees don’t know as much as they think they do.