This Forbes article is about a year old, but it advances an extremely helpful perspective for us fortunate individuals who have been blessed to grow up in a land of plenty.  Essentially, the advice is "think like an immigrant."  The author, Glenn Llopis, points to seven often-overlooked areas where many of us have blind spots that prevent us from seeing the golden opportunities that are obvious to many newcomers to our shores:

• Opportunities in common, menial tasks

• Opportunities in requests for help

• Opportunities in small acts of kindness or sacrifice

• Opportunities in new relationships

• Opportunities in everyday conversations

• Opportunities in simple transactions

• Opportunities where no one else sees opportunities

Llopis argues that through keen awareness and constant searching, the best opportunities come into view.  He says that if we are thinking this way, we don't limit those we will serve, we don't limit the jobs we will do, and we don't specify the kinds of opportunities we are looking for.  In other words, we don't narrow our focus to the point that we don't recognize the opportunities that are all around us.


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