Here is some simple, commonsense advice from Focus on the Family:

Do you or a family member suffer from back pain? Four out of five people will be affected by lower back pain at some point in their life. The spectrum of lower back pain can run from the occasional annoying twinge all the way to chronic, devastating and disabling.

The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to reduce your risk of being sidelined with a bad back.


Stay in shape. Exercise, when done properly, can help prevent some of the stiffness, aches and pains that many people accept as normal parts of aging. Some basic exercises for the back muscles can help maintain strength and flexibility. Stretching before beginning a repetitive activity such as raking or shoveling may be helpful as well.




Maintain proper posture.






If you are overweight, lose it. The extra load can put considerable stress on back muscles, day in and day out.






Use proper form and motion when lifting. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, for proper balance. Lift with your legs, never your back, and bend at the knees and hips, not the waist. Avoid twisting your body while lifting, and position the load close to your body.





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