Providing for children in an estate plan is not a simple task. For parents of children with special needs, the concerns and difficulties are magnified since, in many cases, the child will not be able to care for himself after the parents pass away. With recent advances in modern medicine, people with disabilities are living longer; meaning aging parents need to address this issue. However, since estate planning involves facing many difficult issues, many parents put it off–especially when they are already stretched thin navigating the special needs maze, obtaining services for and caring for their child.


Your estate plan is like the note you left for the babysitter back in the days when your children were too young to fend for themselves when you wanted to enjoy some time with just your spouse. Except that your estate plan has to cover the possibility that you’re not coming back after a pleasant evening out. This is an excellent article for anyone, but particularly parents of special needs children. It touches on some of the most important points that need to be covered in that final note to the babysitter.  Log on to for some helpful resources, including a free special report called Special People . . . Special Plans.

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